Mathbat uses nonlinear sonar and apocalyptic funk to generate acoustic mappings of the countably infinite dimensions of the void. Empirical evidence to be discovered when sonic pods return to stable orbit in 2028. Recent experiments conducted by Philosopede and Batfist at the MemCon labs have revealed that time runs in the opposite direction that casual observation of reality might suggest.

See also: Frame Dragging. Modified Newtonian Dynamics. Functional Renormalization. Endothermic Moisture Control. Experimental Layer Removal. Systemic Failure Operation.

Mixed sonic results

Visual and spatial results

Energy battles the void for existence using weapons such as atoms, stars, and secret doorways. Music and animation by MemCon. Produced by Philosopede.

Possible effects of being alone too long in the lab

We pause to celebrate the insect's superior mating habits and inevitable triumph over humanity. Music and animation by MemCon. Produced by Philosopede.

Missing something?

Certain archival materials have been recently slimed by the whims of eternity. Please contact your local Mathbat Failure Operations Control Center to access these records.